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Want To Kick-Start Your Blog With A Blast?


You’re so wired to hop on blogging jam, but your blog looks rather arid – dryer than parched skin. 

I bet my boots you heard ‘em say – just jump at it! Now you’re staring at your blog with obvious dismay on your face while thinking, your audience will storm off and hit the back arrow – and forget your blog even exists in this blogosphere. 

That’s not the kind of impression you don’t wanna give your visitors. I know right – been there too.

Imagine this – your visitors landed on your blog, noticed how you jazzed it up like a pro and lingered to check what kind of cannonball you have there hidden, waiting to blow up.

But you know what – you don’t need to be a pro in blogging, graphic designing, marketing and in every freaking field to hit that goal. 

Lucky for you – you’re only missing out on this whole shebang of a 6-in-1 bundle – The Blogging Starter Kit.

‘‘Ugh, another blogging kit I could download everywhere for free. ’’ 

Yeah sure, you almost see it everywhere but not every Blogging Starter Kit makes you more so sure in blogging that you could compete with other bloggers out there. 

In this Blogging Starter Kit Bundle, I jampacked it with resources I wish I should have when I was a newling in this blogging world.

And now you can have ‘em – not 1 but 6 products in a bundle. 

Stop looking for freebies when you don’t know what your blog needs

I’ve been blogging for years and I went from clueless wide-eyed blogger to DIYing the products I provide to my readers. All without attending any graphic design school. Everything I learned through the years of blogging and freelancing as an SMM and graphic designer. 

So what do you get in this Blogging Starter Kit?

2 DIY BRANDING KITS (WORTH 55€) – including logos you can edit on Canva


50 PINTEREST TEMPLATES WITH Private License Right that you can rebrand and resell (WORTH 100€)

MINI BLOG PLANNER (WORTH 11€) – comes with different versions for A4, US Letter Paper and A5, plus a fillable version is also included

PINTEREST MANAGEMENT MADE EASY BUNDLE (13€) – helps you manage Pinterest account(s) especially if you’re working as a Pinterest Manager or VA

HER SAVVY BLOG PLANNER FOR NEWBIES (9€) – Starting planner if you’re still in the phase of creating a blog

How to take advantage of these resources?

  • Use the Savvy Blog Planner as a guide when you’re building your blog or website and check off lists and tasks while you’re working at your site.
  • Create your brand using the branding kit templates and design your logo on Canva – you don’t need to be a pro at this. Trust me!
  • Provide value to your readers by using the ebook template and add your own content there. You can use it to offer a lead magnet or you can sell it. 
  • Use the Pinterest pin templates for your own Pinterest account or you can customise them and make them your own to sell or to give as a lead magnet.
  • If you want to step up your Pinterest account or if you’re working as a Pinterest VA or manager, you should use the PINTEREST MANAGEMENT MADE EASY.
  • You don’t want to miss any keywords and topics for your blog? Then your Mini Blog Planner is your go-to digital tool to store your blog ideas.


This is a bundle composed of 6 digital products that come in handy not only when you’re starting a blog or a new blog but you can also use them throughout your blogging career.

I do hope so! But you should not depend on one single product to achieve your goals especially in earning through your blog. If you use the resources properly combined with your skills and determination, surely, you can monetize your blog.

While everything if you buy each individually costs 200€, but not you can get them for only 39€.

Sorry lovelies, this is a digital product, so NO REFUNDS. If you’re not sure before buying, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Total Value = 200€

But get them today for only 39€