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No fluff and not a bluff either – these are purely some stuff you may love to grab if you’re a blogger, content creator, virtual assistant, freelancer, Pinterest manager and a small business owner who’s on the hunt for reasonably priced products to get your online venture thriving.

Here are some stuff:

Keep Your Blogging Thoughts Organized

with our 52-Week Blogging Logbook Next Level

🖊 No more messy jot down notes on your desk and a muddled brain trying to come up with blog ideas.

🖊 Helps you to know exactly what you should be working on and urges you to plan what is next on the list.

🖊 Guides you on what to write when you’re running out of ideas

🖊 Relieves you from feeling overwhelmed by the daily blogging tasks

Pinterest Management Made Easy Bundle (16 Pages + Bonuses)

When you’re a solopreneur and a blogger, you also manage your own social media accounts such as Pinterest. Many bloggers and business owners still use the platform no matter how unpredictable Pinterest is. 

Why? Because it still helps in driving traffic.

Some bloggers also have advanced knowledge in Pinterest and managing it, but sometimes, knowledge is not enough. You need organisation and a tool to help you have an overview, especially if you’re managing multiple accounts. 

If you’re a blogger, a Pinterest manager and a virtual assistant, what you need is Pinterest Management Made Easy Bundle.

Grace Blanchet Branding Kit

Like you, your blog or business needs its own identity and personality.

Do not be like anyone else because you are unique and so is your business too.

Grace Blanchet Branding Kit sets you apart from other bloggers and online creators. With the help of Canva and this editable kit, you can establish your exceptional brand – without breaking your bank!

This kit works for any niche and you don’t need to have a graphic design degree to work with this editable kit. As long as you know how Canva works, then you can turn anything extraordinary

Ledger Book – Income and Expenses Printable Tracker (A4, US Letter & A5 Format)

Keep track of your finances while you build your empire through this printable income and expenses tracker.

When you’re busy with your business, it is easy to lose track of the numbers and in the end, you don’t know anymore where your money went or how much you spent on certain things.

As a blogger, small business owner and freelancer, I know how it feels so I aim to help fellow bloggers and small business owners relieve them of this stress when it comes to numbers.


This is a digital file and no physical item will be shipped. For PERSONAL USE ONLY.
We don’t accept refunds and returns due to the product’s digital nature.

Her Savvy Blogging Planner for Newbies (20-Page Printable Planner)

Let us help you begin the adventure with blogging.

While starting a blog can be a lot of fun, it also comes with helluva things to do.

It can be frustrating sometimes when all you wanted to do is just start with the writing right away.

But you can’t even concentrate on that aspect because your blog may lack this and that.

So, break that catch-22 before your passion for blogging dwindles away.

And grab this Blog Planner for Newbies – designed for total beginners.

Her Savvy Blogging Planner for Advanced Bloggers

You’re way past the beginner’s phase and now you want to up your blogging game.

Because, why not?

You’re ready to really make some moolah and you wanted to call yourself your own boss.

Get this printable planner to brainstorm your blogging ideas and goals.

This is the advanced version of Her Blogging Planner for Newbies and is only intended for bloggers who want to upgrade their blog.

Digital Products with Private Label Rights For Rebranding and Reselling

Start your side hustle selling templates and printables that are sought-after in the market.

  • For bloggers and content creators
  • For small business owners who own digital shop
  • For beginners and advanced bloggers who want to create and sell digital products
  • For people who don’t have the time and skills to create digital products
  • For people who love templates and printables